Turf mains

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Turf mains

Turf Steaks

We only use our certified Black Angus Beef which is dry aged 30-days. All our steaks are served with a crunchy green salad.

Sirloin steak 10(oz)

The tenderst cut of all! The sirloin steak has a juicy texture

Rib-eye steak 10 (oz)

This cut is extra juicy & succulent

T-Bone steak 21 (oz)

The king of steaks. T-Bone is a prime cut on the bone, full of flavour

Lamb steak 12 (oz)

Flavourful fillet cut across the grain to show the traditional lamb texture

Beef fillet 8 (oz)

A prime steak offering the most succulent and tender cut

Tomahawk steak 45 (oz)

A large ribeye steak that is cut with 8-12 inches of the rib bone making it juicy and full of flavour


8oz Wagyu beef is the softest and most luxurious meat in the world due to it’s special marbling which creates a mouth watering tender steak.

Sirloin steak
Rib-eye steak
T-bone steak

Make It Surf & Turf

Build your own surf and turf. Add any of these surf options to any of the mains

Lobster tail
Tiger king prawn
King scallops
Add to any main:
Roasted bone marrow
Gold leaf (per sheet)

Turf Mains

Lamb rack

Slow roasted to perfection

Chicken fillet

Succulent and tender free range grilled chicken breast

Quorn steak

Delicious meat free alternative

Turf BBQ Platters

A feast for those who can’t choose just one. Our combo platters are cooked in the Josper charcoal grill

Platter for one

One rib, two wings, one lamb chop, one short rib, one sausage, one blooming onion and a choice of one standard side

Platter for two

Two ribs, four wings, two lamb chops, two short ribs, two sausages, one blooming onion and a choice of two standard sides

Platter for three

Four ribs, eight wings, four lamb chops, four short ribs, four sausages, one blooming onion and a choice of four standard sides