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Surf Mains

Lobsters & Crabs

Our fresh lobsters are handpicked from our tank. Choose the way you want it cooked! Served with sourdough bread, salad and garlic chili butter


Our dedicated chef selects the fresh fish from local markets, looking for firm flesh that springs back when presses with a mild scent.

Lobster thermidor
Lobster grill
Steamed lobster
Snow crab legs

Prawn Platters

Our medium prawns are freshly cooked in our Porterhouse special spices and served with a choice of standard sides. Choose how spicy you would like it: Original or extra hot

Platter for one

Eighteen medium prawns and one standard side

Platter for two

Thirty-six medium prawns and two standard sides

Platter for three

Fifty-four medium prawns and three standard sides

Platter for four

Seventy-two medium prawns and four standard sides

Special tiger prawn
(one) £20 (three) £55

Includes one side


Caviar (per 10g)

Subject to availability

Crab cakes

Served with pickled red cabbage and sweet chili sauce

Tandoori king prawns

Served with mint chutney and baby greens

Salmon tartare, avocado guacamole

Served with Salmon caviar and sourdough bread

Lobster cheesy nachos

In garlic butter and fresh tomato

Sole fish goujons

In garlic butter and fresh tomato

Mixed Surf Platters

Mixed platter for one

One lobster tail, one crab leg, one king prawn, one calamari, one scallop, one salmon fillet, and one standard side

Mixed platter for two

Two lobster tails, two crab legs, two king prawns, two calamari, two scallops, two salmon fillets, and two standard sides

Mixed platter for four

Four lobster tails, four crab legs, four king prawns, four calamari, four scallops, four salmon fillets, and three standard sides

Something special

Why not add something different to any main

Gold leaf (per sheet)

Recommended: Steak (four to six) Burger: (one to three) Lobster: (two to four)