About Us

A Classic Steak, Smoked meats, and Seafood Venue

More than 17 years of rich tradition

Since opening our first restaurant in Bradford in 2015, Porterhouse Bros has brought together our passion for quality steak and seafood, family values, and seasoned restaurant experience. Every time you eat with us, you’re tasting years of hard work, innovation, and commitment to good food.

Dry Aged Beef

Mature taste brought by time

All of our prime steaks are dry-aged on-site for 30-days and served by dedicated and knowledgeable staff with years of steakhouse experience. The setting is primed to impress: whether for a romantic dinner, a power lunch, a client dinner or a family celebration.

The Classic Flavour

Discover Our Cuisine

Experience alcohol-free fine wines, the freshest seafood, the finest WAGYU steaks and genuine service. Our menu includes aged HMC Prime steak, a range of the freshest seafood options, bespoke mocktails, beers, ciders and champagne selection.

Premium Wines

Premium alcohol-free Drinks of impeccable quality

We serve a wide selection of alcohol-free drinks including champagnes, premium wines, bottled beers & ciders, shots, and an extensive range of mocktails available with flavour blaster bubbles